What to do, what to do?!?!  We are torn between quarantining ourselves away like many of you, but work is in our blood, cooking is coping!  Plus there’s this massive building we’d like to keep so our staff have jobs to come back to.  But is it safe?  Is it worth it?

We will try for the time being to stay open for Take Out, but limiting the days.  This will give us much needed time to plan, rework things, bottle some sauces and condiments, and create some amazing meals for you and your families.  We are feeling pulled more towards family style meals for 2 or 4, but will continue to offer some a la carte options as well.  We may not necessarily have your “favorites” at all times, but we can guarantee whatever we put out will have our quality stamp on it.  There is a huge learning curve in this for us, for all of us, and we have and will continue to make, a few mistakes.  A house salad forgotten here, a loaf of bread there, but we are trying.  We are definitely trying.

The most important thing is to keep safe, clean, and careful.  We will limit take out to curbside pickup only.  We encourage orders to be placed online, to free up the phone for folks to call when they arrive.  We encourage you to tip on your take out, this is how we will be able to pay our staff!  We encourage you to try new things and keep in touch with us, suggestions?

Silver lining for those of us in the hospitality industry, at least this is not happening in July and August.  We will make it through and next year be watching all the Lifetime movies about people’s experiences during this time.

Peace and Love

Bridget and Scott


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